Adult Beginners Clay Workshop

Debi Eldred - workshop

Saturday 9th April 10.00am-1.00pm 

An introduction to building simple forms with clay by Debi Eldred

Maximum 6 students  

This class is aimed at beginners and will provide an introduction to building a simple vase and/or small slump dish from a soft slab of rolled out clay with impressed decoration.

The clay will be rolled out flat and the surface decorated by impressing into it various items such as stamps, clay tools and also natural items such as sticks, leaves and shells.

A selection of items for impressing will be provided but please feel free to bring along anything of your own. Embossed wallpaper, old lace, textured fabric such as hessian and baking tools can all be used to make interesting patterns onto clay.

The vase or dish shape will then be formed using a hand building technique.

After a short drying period your forms will be bisque fired for you and then dipped into glaze and fired once again ready for you to collect your finished piece.

All materials and firings are included.

Costs = £40

It is advisable to wear old clothing or to bring an apron to the session.

Please Tel : 07866543293 to book, or e-mail:




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