Textile Workshops with Maria Boyle


One-Day Workshops with Maria Boyle

0ctober 2016, Suitable for all levels

Exploring the Embellisher and Needle-felting Effects, £50, 8th October

Discover various dry needle-felting techniques with both hand felting needles and needle-felting machines (Embellisher). Using a variety of wonderful soft fibres explore various marks and make tactile samples with various constructive textile effects. Then make a brooch to your own design to take home.


Dye effects for cloth, £50, 15th October

Explore pigment colour theory, colour wheels and mixing complex colours. Then we will direct dye cloth using Procion MX dyes and create different effects using manutex, resists and discharge paste. Students leave with lots of different samples and have a number of useful techniques they can replicate at home.


Mono-printing Effects for Cloth, £50, 22nd October

Using fast and fun mono-printing techniques create a variety of dry-point effects on cloth using acrylics and textile paints. Create unique prints layering colour, mark and line-drawings and leave with a number of wonderful cloth samples and finished pieces.


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About Maria Boyle

Maria is a Resident Artist at ArtistsWorkhouse, an exciting new arts, project and exhibition space in a collaborative artist community in the centre of Studley, Warwickshire.

Working mainly with the ‘soft materials’ of cloth, wool and thread, Maria often uses natural and textured fibres. These are carefully dyed, hand printed or painted and then manipulated with hand stitch and knit to create tactile one-off pieces. Colour is essential to convey meaning through a harmonious colour palette that adds to its sensory appeal. Maria is also a print-maker making handmade cards, limited edition prints and artist books.