Nine Women

Preview Evening Friday 24th March with a live performance with Dan Whitehouse of songs written as part of the Nine Women project, 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

25th March – 2nd April 11.00am – 4.00pm ( closed Mon & Tues, Sun by appointment)

Nine Women

Elena Thomas

“Invisibility is not a super-power, it’s the curse of the middle-aged woman”

The bra is the garment that no one sees beneath the respectable top layer. We present ourselves to the world how we wish to be seen. Underneath is a different matter. These derelict, discarded bras are worn to a frazzle, as one might expect the wearer to be.

Thomas works over the holes, disguising, or drawing attention to the flaws. Obsessive stitching being a large part of her working practice. Her devotion to the task being an act of love and sisterhood.

The songs sing the stories of the women.

There are overlapping tales here of love, loss and lust, joy and sadness, resentment and hope.

We are all in there somewhere…

Text and Textiles Workshop: an exploration of memory and narrative, Elena Thomas is delivering two workshops that complement this exhibition, further details can be found HERE

For more information, visit

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