Face to Face – Launch Sat 19th May

Face to Face

ArtistsWorkhouse is very happy to announce the launch of a new networking and creative project Face to Face.

Face to Face – The Launch Event: Sat 19th May

Interim Exhibition showing works in progress by: Deb Catesby, Carolyn Morris, Brian Cook, Chris Rider and Dawn Harris

5.00pm – 5.10pm – Introduction and refreshments

5.10pm – 7.00pm – Presentation and Talk by Anne Marie Lagram on Becoming and being a self- employed creative practitioner- all you need to know !

7.00pm – 7.30pm – Discussion around and in connection with the interim show on display

7.30pm – 7.35pm – 5 new artists  announced for the creative challenge of responding to  the works on show (artists chosen from those in attendance at the meeting and wishing to take part in the creative challenge)

7.35pm – 8.00pm General networking and discussion time.

Looking forward to a vibrant and interactive evening with lots of inspirational discussion. Everyone Welcome.

Refreshments available.

FREE to ArtistsWorkhouse members,  £5 to non members

ArtistsWorkhouse Membership Scheme

Next meeting Sat 16th June

Background information

ArtistsWorkhouse is looking to form a new network linking together contemporary artists in our rural area who would benefit from a place to meet up for discussions, collaborations and projects, initially based around the notion of meeting (in real life !)

We are aware that there are many people in all fields of contemporary art and craft working in isolation in our rural ‘Heart of England’ region, where there are few, and increasingly fewer, facilities and venues nearby. We hope that by joining together, new and creative ideas for exhibition and project work can be explored and we can all benefit from development, learning and perhaps most importantly, inspiration and challenge.

The project is open to anyone to come and join in, through a programme of informal networking, talks and discussions and to express an interest in taking part in a creative challenge through 6 interim shows.

The first 5 artists chosen to take part in the creative challenge are: Deb Catesby, Brian Cook, Carolyn Morris, Chris Rider and Dawn Harris. They have been given a suggested  starting point for research and inspiration of:

Penda, King of Mercia 

Way back in the first century, Britain was ruled by warring warrior kings. Here in the Midlands, the shifting borders of the Kingdom of Mercia stretched across our lands from the Welsh border to the East Coast and from the Peak District down to the Cotswolds. King Penda took the throne in 625 and saw it rise to the most powerful Kingdom in Britain before he was defeated in battle by the Northumbrians. He was the last Anglo-Saxon King to reject Christianity and his defeat marked an end of Anglo Saxon Paganism. Penda’s name lives on in the local village of Pinvin (Penda’s Fen), near Pershore (this was the subject of a fascinating ‘Play for Today’ in the 1970s) and we all know we’re in West Mercia Police area, a term still used to describe this part of the southern midlands.

We are beginning our trail of inspiration with King Penda and the physical and political landscape in which we live – neither north nor south, but in the rural Heart of England.

The first 5 artists now have 4 weeks to begin a piece of artwork that in some way responds to this theme. The artwork will form part of the Launch Event on Saturday 19th May 2018. 5 new artists chosen randomly from those in attendance at the meeting will be announced at each meeting and the cycle will continue.


9 thoughts on “Face to Face – Launch Sat 19th May

  1. Hi Dawn,

    What date is this happening? Is this on Sat 16th May?

    If so, I’m gutted I can’t make it! I didn’t realise Face to Face would be evening events,I thought the meetings would be in the day. I have RSC tickets for Macbeth that night. Thanks Maria


  2. Sorry Dawn, struggling with a virus here…

    I see that the Launch date is evening of 19th May. I’m hoping to move stuff around to be able to come. Are the future meetings also likely to be evening events? Thanks Maria

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Hi Maria, would be great if you are able to make it. The speaker for June event isn’t confirmed yet, as soon as I have all the times confirmed I’ll forward the details.
      Best wishes,


  3. Hi, This looks really great. I’ve only lived in the area for a year and would love to meet some other local artists, so I’ll definitely come along. Do I pay on the day? Beccy


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