Face to Face part II-Sat 16th June 11.00am

A very big thank you to everyone that attended the launch of Face to Face project and made the afternoon such a positive experience.

Anne Marie Legram gave us plenty to think about with regard to being a self employed creative practitioner, I know there were a few things she mentioned that seemed obvious but had slipped my mind, and plenty I hadn’t ever thought of !

Our first 5 artists, Deb Catesby, Dawn Harris, Carolyn Morris, Brian Cook and Chris Rider presented their response to the theme of Penda, King of Mercia, each artist has plugged in to a perspective that is of interest to them, leading to an interesting and diverse start to the project both in terms of context and materials. The next 5 artists who were literally pulled out of the jar from those who attended the meeting were: Cristina Celestini, Bryonie Williams, Mathew Rea, Bridget Rea and Helen Garbett. I am intrigued to see what these artists present to the group in Face to Face part II.

So on to Face to Face part II

Sat 16th June, 11.00am

As part of this supportive networking project, we are asking artists to take part in a creative challenge, providing inspiration and motivation to start a new piece of artwork, and a momentum to finish it. Those artworks will be exhibited at the Little Buckland Gallery in Broadway and be included in a publication about the project.

Face to Face part II is a guided visit to Little Buckland Gallery, to meet and discuss with its owner, Arabella Kiszely, factors connected with the exhibition and more general subjects connected with gallery representation. It is also intended that the visit will allow the artists time to consider their artworks in relation to the space it is going to be shown in.

After our tour and discussions we will then view the 5 new pieces of work in progress and select the next 5 artists from those present to take part in the creative challenge.

Little Buckland will be showing their Open Exhibition ‘Reflection’ and taking part in the  Broadway Arts Festival 2018 so there will be plenty to see in the area if you would then like to stay on in Broadway and enjoy the festival. https://broadwayartsfestival.com/

It is not too late to join in and take part, all welcome.

Free to ArtistsWorkhouse Members

£5 per session to non members

Meeting at Little Buckland Gallery on Saturday 16th June at 11.00amhttp://www.littlebucklandgallery.co.uk/  Little Buckland Gallery is 20 minutes away from ArtistsWorkhouse.

I will be at ArtistsWorkhouse at 10.15am if you would prefer to meet there. Please do let me know if you meeting at ArtistsWorkhouse.



Timetable:  Face to Face Arts Project

May 19th 5.00pm – 8.00pm Launch  first 5 artist show work, Interim exhibition, artists talk, discussion. Pair with second layer, work begins
June 16th, 11.00am – 1.00pm group visit to Little Buckland gallery, Broadway. Second layer of artist show work. Pair with third layer of artist, work begins
July 21st, 11.00am – 1.00pm third layer of artists show work. Interim exhibition, artists talk, discussion. Pair with fourth layer of artist, work begins
September 15th  11.00am – 1.00pm fourth layer of artists show work. Interim exhibition, artists talk, discussion. Pair with fifth layer, work begins
October 20th   11.00am – 1.00pm fifth layer of artists show work. Interim exhibition, artists talk, discussion. Pair with sixth layer, work begins
Nov 17th, 11.00am – 1.00pm  sixth layer of artists show work. Interim exhibition, artists talk, discussion..
Nov 24th 11.00am – 1.00pm all works delivered for photographing
EXHIBITION : Fri 5th – Sunday 14th April Exhibition and Publication Launch

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