Face to Face IV – Saturday 15th September

We are delighted with how our networking and creative challenge is progressing through our face to face meetings. thank you for your input and continued support of this project.

The last meeting in July saw a focus on the presentation/talk, I would like to redress the balance with our next meeting focussing on the wonderful creative work that has, so far, been going on behind the scenes.

I’ve had the pleasure of some really interesting conversations with some of you regarding how your initial idea has developed since the beginning of the project. In response to this I have invited a number of the artists involved in the creative project, to share with the group as a whole their progress so far. This will be by way of a very informal conversation and include showing works that have been made to date, I for one am very interested to hear what’s been happening.

For those who have not taken part in the project thus far this is a perfect opportunity to come along and get a real insight into what we have and are continuing to achieve through Face to Face.

This general discussion will be followed by our usual feedback from the 5 artists who were chosen in July:

Maria Boyle

Michala Gyetvai

Zarina Keyani

Jane Spence

Shaun Hughes

Remainder of face to face meetings:

October 20th   11.00am – 1.00pm fifth layer of artists show work. Interim exhibition, artists talk, discussion. Pair with sixth layer, work begins
Nov 17th, 11.00am – 1.00pm  sixth layer of artists show work. Interim exhibition, artists talk, discussion..




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