Face to Face Saturday 17th November

Face to Face

Last formal Meeting of Face to Face Creative Project

Meeting Saturday 17th November 11.00am – 1.00pm (approx.)

11.00am – Drinks

11.10am – recap of project, publication information

11.20am – creative challenge feedback from last month’s chosen artists

  • Cliff Hayward
  • Anna Mitchell
  • Ruth Judd
  • Cathy Jones
  • Karen Barlow
  • Sally White


12.00pm  – any other news opportunities, networking break.

12.20pm – artists to continue discussions on personal project developments in groups


  1. Dawn Harris, Bryonie Williams, Julie Swinsco, Zarina Keyani, Cliff Hayward, Anna Mitchell
  2. Deb Catesby, Helen Garbett, Jilly Oxlade- Arnott, Jane Spence, Mark Robins, Ruth Judd
  3. Carolyn Morris, Bridget Rea, Magggie Shuter, Shaun Hughes, Rachel Doughty Cathy Jones
  4. Chris Rider, Cristina Celestini, Kim Philpotts, Maria Boyle, Tor Hildyard, Karen Barlow
  5. Brian Cook, Mathew Rea, Deb Eldred Michala Gyetvai, Claire Watson, Sally White

Look forward to seeing you there.


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