Our needlemakers project saw the collaboration between the needlemakers works and the needlemakers words. 14 artists, 10 writers and 1 director. A wonderful evening of performance of original poetry, prose and drama followed by the exhibition of 26 commissioned artworks. Copies of the needlemakers words in the form of a printed booklet is for sale… Continue reading Needlemakers

‘Needlemakers’ Exhibition

Needlemakers of Studley Historic needle-making factory turned Artists Workhouse is to celebrate Redditch and Studley’s most famous industry. Artists and writers will put on an exhibition of sculpture, ceramics and painting which opens on Sunday October 30th at 7:30pm with a performance of original drama, poetry, prose and song. Doors open at 7pm. The event… Continue reading ‘Needlemakers’ Exhibition

Forge Mill Museum

‘Doing the cheeks’; ‘straightening the crooks’; ‘fanning out’ – apparently there are over 30 different processes involved in making a needle. The tough, dangerous lives of the workers who made the needles was an absolute revelation. There were the ‘pointers’, whose work was really well paid (£4 a week) but led to death from lung… Continue reading Forge Mill Museum