Face to Face

Face to Face




Where will we begin ? the inspiration for the first set of 5 artists comes from:

Penda, King of Mercia 

Way back in the first century, Britain was ruled by warring warrior kings. Here in the Midlands, the shifting borders of the Kingdom of Mercia stretched across our lands from the Welsh border to the East Coast and from the Peak District down to the Cotswolds. King Penda took the throne in 625 and saw it rise to the most powerful Kingdom in Britain before he was defeated in battle by the Northumbrians. He was the last Anglo-Saxon King to reject Christianity and his defeat marked an end of Anglo Saxon Paganism. Penda’s name lives on in the local village of Pinvin (Penda’s Fen), near Pershore (this was the subject of a fascinating ‘Play for Today’ in the 1970s) and we all know we’re in West Mercia Police area, a term still used to describe this part of the southern midlands.

We are beginning our trail of inspiration with King Penda and the physical and political landscape in which we live – neither north nor south, but in the rural Heart of England.

Face to Face is a venture by three artists, working in partnership with ArtistsWorkhouse in Studley. We are looking to form a new network linking together contemporary artists in our rural area who would benefit from a place to meet up for discussions, collaborations and projects, initially based around the notion of meeting (in real life !)

We are aware that there are many people in all fields of contemporary art and craft working in isolation in our rural ‘Heart of England’ region, where there are few, and increasingly fewer, facilities and venues nearby. We hope that by joining together, new and creative ideas for exhibition and project work can be explored and we can all benefit from development, learning and perhaps most importantly, inspiration and challenge.

If you’re interested, please contact Dawn at ArtistsWorkhouse (an artist-led studio and exhibition space) via email to: artistsworkhouse@outlook.com. Our first meeting is scheduled for Sat 27th January at 11.00am, where we can discuss some initial ideas and hear some of yours.

Face to Face – meeting 27th Jan 11.00am at ArtistsWorkhouse


  1. 11.00am – 11.15am Welcome  and coffee
  2. 11.15am – 11.20am Apologies
  3. 11.20am –  11.30am Introduction to the project  and times scales
  4. 11.30 am – Discussion and questions

Face to Face project consists of 2 parts that run within each other.

  1. Artist’s talks, networking, general discussion and invited discussion through 6 interim shows, all over 6 sessions open to everyone.
  2. A creative project, where you are required to create a piece of artwork

Times scales:

Sat 27th Jan – feasibility meeting – is there a need?

Sat 31st Jan– sign up to take part in creative project closes, confirmation via email.

Funding application commences and continues.

All networking meetings are open to all wishing to attend, invites via social media and AW newsletter.

1. Launch at 19th May Face to face interim exhibition (5) works (Part I) talk, network, and creative project first layer

2. June Saturday 16th – Face to face interim exhibition (5) works (Part II) talk, network, and creative project next layer

3. July Saturday 14th, Face to face interim exhibition (5) works (Part III) talk, network, and creative project next layer

4.September Saturday 15th  – Face to face interim exhibition (5) works (Part IV) talk, network, and creative project next layer

5.October Sat 20th – Face to face exhibition (5) works (Part V) talk, network, and creative project next layer

6. November Sat 17th  – Face to face exhibition (5) works (Part VI) talk, network, and creative project next layer

7.  November 24th – professional photography session, all works documented for the publication

8. Exhibition and launch of publication Spring 2019.

Looking forward to seeing you on 27th January.