Post Card Auction – On The Map

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If Studley is on the Map then so are we, and so are you. It’s wn win win situation and hopefully we will all feel the benefit of greater visibility.

Marketing Studley’s fantastic offer to local people and visitors. Increasing footfall, enlivening the village centre using branded information boards, new signage & an exciting new community website.

Studley is a large village with a strong industrial heritage, a small yet diverse High Street & beautiful countryside walks. Many people drive through our village but few choose to stop & explore it. We believe that by creating an inviting message to showcase all that Studley has to offer, we will inspire more people to spend time & shop here. We also want to create a sense of place for our existing community. Our project consists of 2 key elements: • A new website to promote Studley as a place for both locals & visitors to enjoy. Our website would engage the entire community & inspire people to get involved in our many groups & activities, whilst marketing Studley as an interesting place to visit. • New wayfinding signs & information boards to highlight key locations & eye-catching banners along the busy A435 to advertise festivals & events. These combined elements would give Studley a purpose, encourage a stronger community vibe & put us firmly on the map.

What we’ll deliver:

  • A website to inform visitors and locals about events, shops, tourism and more
  • New signage to village centre encouraging people to stop in Studley
  • Info boards for heritage, walks, shops and local attractions such as the nature reserve
  • Banners to advertise events, venues, organisations and Studleys offer
  • Gateway features to our beautiful countryside

Why it’s a great idea:

We think this is a great idea because our goal is that our new plan, signage and website will collectively put Studley firmly on the map. We want to inspire a new positive and prosperous feeling within our village, to generate pride amongst residents and admiration from our visitors. Overall we want to identify the real heart of Studley and make sure the world knows exactly where it is.

Steps to get it done:

  • confirm permissions with land owners e.g. councils (Warwickshire, Stratford and Studley)
  • confirm insurance and public liability
  • refine content and design of signage and confirm contractor to produce and install
  • refine content and design of web site and confirm contractor to produce and go live
  • begin revenue generation from web site for ongoing costs
  • monitor metrics e.g foot fall, volunteers, art visitors, spend, empty shops


Our project is all about our community & so far we have secured the support of: * The local business forum that aims to increase the prosperity of Studley (Studley in Business) * Studley in Bloom who keep our village looking blooming fantastic * Studley Christmas lights who give us our festive displays * Artists Workhouse who run Studley Arts Trail, excellent artistic events & work with local schools & businesses * Studley Common Nature Reserve: our reinvigorated green space for everyone * Studley Improvement partnership who support our important needle industry heritage roots * Our Parish council * Studley High school & Junior Schools which helps us to gain the insight & support of our younger residents. There is a recognised need in Studley to tie all of our groups & organisations together. We feel a combined approach will help us create a new vision for Studley’s future so we can grasp further opportunities & continue to improve our village in the long term.