Resident Artists

  • AW has 12 studio spaces, with a variety of sizes and formats. We also have a project space that is available to hire for workshops and arts project activities.

Please click on the name to be directed to the individual artists website.

Resident Artists:

  1. Dawn Harris
  2. Debi Eldred
  3. Bev Riddle and Denise Fuell
  4. Clair Walton
  5. Amy McLelland
  6. Liz Mulrey
  7. Natalie Duff
  8. Sandra Wadkin
  9. Lisa Yardley
  10. Maria Boyle
  11. Jane Spence
  12. Isla Millar


Full Studio Membership

  1. Maria Boyle
  2. Dawn Harris
  3. Debi Eldred
  4. Jane Spence
  5. Clair Walton




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