On The Map

We need your help please

 donations of original artwork on a postcard or postcard size 


postcards needed

Your support as always is invaluable and greatly appreciated. 

more about the project:

Studley is a fantastic large village in rural Warwickshire bordering Worcestershire. The idea is to create a co-ordinated plan to encourage more people to visit, spend time and shop in Studley, cement the already strong community feel and the heritage aspects of the village. Signage to the high street and banners along the A435 advertising markets, festivals, art events and the great organisations we have in Studley will attract more people to park and shop in the village. Information boards about our needle industry heritage, local attractions, countryside walks and nature reserve will make the village an interesting visit, again supporting local shops and informing local people. Additionally, a website which collates businesses, clubs, services and volunteer opportunities in one place will promote the great offer in Studley to villagers and visitors, bringing more people into the village, bring the village together and enabling people to get involved in activities or volunteer.

What we’ll deliver:

  • A website to inform visitors and locals about events, shops, tourism and more
  • New signage to village centre encouraging people to stop in Studley
  • Info boards for heritage, walks, shops and local attractions such as the nature reserve
  • Banners to advertise events, venues, organisations and Studleys offer
  • Gateway features to our beautiful countryside

Why it’s a great idea:

* Local shops will prosper through increased foot-fall * Locals will benefit by retaining local shops and new shops opening * Other businesses will prosper as Studley becomes a higher profile more go-to place * Locals will be better informed of what’s available and about the heritage of where they live * More isolated people and anyone looking for something to do will be able to find out what is going on in their village, what they might get involved in or visit. This proposal is supported by… The local business forum, that aims to increase the prosperity of Studley. Studley in Bloom, who make Studley look fantastic. Studley Christmas lights, who give us our Christmas display. Artists Workhouse, who run Studley Arts Trail, excellent artistic events and work with local schools and businesses. Studley Common Nature Reserve: our reinvigorated green space for everyone.


Please do visit the link and give us a ‘like’ https://www.spacehive.com/putting-studley-on-the-map?searchText=studley


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