Face to Face III

It’s not too late to join in with our networking and creative challenge project… to find out more and join in Face to Face part III –  This months talk – Promote yourself online – Saturday 21st July

Speaker Zarina Keyani

11.00 – Introduction plus aims

11.05 How to promote yourself – Marketing strategies

Marketing and financing

Finding the right platforms.

11.30 Online Portfolios

Create an online portfolio.

Websites and web design.

Other online platforms.

11.45am Break

12.00 Maintaining your online presence – Minimum effort, maximum output!

SEO, Google etc

Blogging and the use of blogs.


Social media including facebook, twitter, instagram. etc

Time management.

12.30pm Questions and Feedback

12.45pm Presentation of artworks in progress by: Debi Eldred, Jilly Oxlade Arnott, Kim Philpotts, Julie Swinsco, Maggie Slater.

Followed by general discussion and networking.

Look forward to seeing you on Saturday 21st July, Dawn





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