Portraits (part 1)

Portrait: a painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person.

Is it possible for a work that appears to be entirely abstract to be considered a portrait?

How can an artist evoke a human presence ?

How might memory, emotion, the relationship between person and place, the link between artist and sitter be most vividly expressed?

Artistsworkhouse is delighted to be hosting an exhibition entitled ‘Portraits (Part 1)’  20 artists working in both 2D and 3D  will be taking part. Each has developed a personal visual language of portraiture, challenging traditional forms of representation.

Preview evening Friday 3rd March 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Exhibition continues: Sat 4th – 12th March 2017 (closed Mon & Tues, Sunday by appointment). To complement this exhibition we have 2 workshops running during the show.

Louise Blakeway – Portrait workshop, life drawing with model, more details HERE

Helena Godwin – Portraits in Sculpture, this workshop we will be exploring how to depict the face in 3D, using various materials and techniques both traditional and modern. More details HERE


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